BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure Bridge Scour
Evaluation Program

CLIENT: BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure

NHC has been the prime consultant to the BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure for this program since its inception in 2008. Since that time, NHC has conducted evaluations on over 600 bridges throughout the Province.

All structures are evaluated, categorized, and ranked according to their scour susceptibility, as assessed in the office and field. The susceptibility evaluation is based on a review of bridge maintenance records, field inspection, geomorphic and hydrologic assessment at the watershed and reach scale, and erosion and scour assessment at the local scale. NHC has created a database to maintain, organize, and process data for all structures that undergo evaluation. For those structures deemed to be scour susceptible or scour critical, a more detailed analysis is carried out to support the development of Plans of Action.

Deliverables to the Ministry include a summary report that provides a ranking of all structures in a particular study in terms of scour susceptibility, and individualized Scour/Erosion Evaluation Reports (SERs) for every structure. The individual SERs include detailed Plans of Action to assist the Ministry with monitoring and mitigation of specific issues for the scour critical bridges. Construction-ready drawings are included with the SERs in cases where channel training works or scour countermeasures are recommended as part of a mitigation strategy.